Quality Used Striping Equipment

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Thermo Equipment

Graco Thermo Lazer Handliner
4”, 12" and double 4" line dies included.

2002 GMC C7500 Twin Melter Truck with Liftgate—Propane, auto, very low mileage, Excellent Condition.

2002 GMC MRL Pressure Pot Thermo StriperDouble Drop Bead System. Very Nice Condition. 

1999 LDI Twin Thermo Melters Excellent condition, barely used. $26,750, or $32,750 with two handliners.

1994 Chevy with 2004 MRL 1000 LB Melter — Lift Gate and Arrow Board, Diesel, Auto, under CDL, Ready to Work.


1997 Volvo TMT Longline Thermo Striper — Only 55,000 miles. 868 hours on Compressor. Ready to Stripe.

1993 International Thermo Melter Truck - Liftgate for Handliner, Stencil Racks, Ready to Work.

2-1500 LB Thermoplastic Melters on Trailer
-- Propane.

LaFarge Thermo Premelter, Handliner and Trailer
Get in the thermo striping business with very small investment! 

1998 LDI Thermo Melter Trailer Propane. Excellent condition. 

Trailer with 4-4000 MRL Thermo Melters. Propane-fired, diesel pony motor and 2 propane tanks. 

2008 Falcon Thermo Mark 1500D - 1500 LB Capacity Thermo Striper. Diesel, like new, only 164 hours.

Aluminum Handliners - Many in Stock.
Starting at $3,500 Each

1995 Apollo Systems II Model PM30 Thermoplastic striping machine with hand-liner -- Trailer mounted, Briggs and Stratton 1 cylinder, 8.5HP LPG Engine. (2) 40 Gallon capacity melters; 9.50 X 16.5 tires; Ready to stripe!

Thermoplastic Handliner
with bead dispenser, (no dies). Good condition.


MRL Handliner
with two pots and three dies — 4", 6" and 12”. 

2012 MB 750 LB Thermo Melter on 2002 Trailer — Excellent Condition.

2002 GMC T7500 New Mark Longline Thermo Striper 92,000 miles, Double Drop Bead System, Ribbon Guns. Very nice condition and ready to work.

2005 Falcon 1500 LB Thermo Melter with Trailer. Two handliners and dies. 

1996 Ford CF8000 MRL Thermo Striper -- with 4000 LB. pressure pot, spray and ribbon capable, good working condition.

Large capacity Propane-Fired Thermoplastic Melter and Trailer with Diesel power pack. Nice Condition and Ready to Work.

Thermoplastic melter on trailer
--Ready to work.

1995 International F2574 Thermo Melter Truck, Diesel, Auto, 167,000 Miles with 2-2000 LB. and 2-2500LB Melters, Diesel Power Pack, Arrowboard, Ready to Work.

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