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Quality Used Striping Equipment

At the 2010 ATSSA Conference in Phoenix, Lenny (on R) gets the pleasure of meeting Hector Davila of Road Marks Corp/San Juan, Puerta Rico--one of his many satisfied international customers.

Full fleet (waiting for the spring thaw!)

Growing a little!

Reaching international markets!

We sell our equipment to customers all over the world, and assist with shipping arrangements.

A truckload of experience...

Some people may speculate that yellow thermo courses through Lenny Langevin's veins. He's been in the business since 1970. At age 19, Len went to work for Safety Lines Marking to earn money to continue his studies toward a Business Administration degree at Northeastern University in Boston. He enjoyed his work so much that he changed his life's major to "pavement marking studies" and soon started his own company in Franklin, MA. That company is still thriving today as TMI Services, employing more than 60 people in Massachusetts and North Carolina.

Lenny knows the pavement marking business but probably even more-so, knows the equipment. Because he frequently upgrades his company's own equipment, and sometimes buys and refurbishes used equipment, he seems to have an endless supply of quality pavement marking equipment that he knows other companies can use. 

The early days of TMI...

Who We Are

Lenny's first paint truck. Circa 1978.

Traffic Markings today...